Saturday, June 18, 2016

A big man with an even bigger heart

Love this story:

I may just have to become a Ravens fan! At the very least, a Ronnie Stanley fan. 

My favorite part of the story is the closing paragraph:

“I think it’s so special when the dog meets their person and gets to trot right out of here,” Deacon said. “That’s why the pictures were so blurry, because all she wanted to do was kiss his face, and it seemed that’s all he wanted too.”

In my spare time, I volunteer at an animal shelter. Here's a photo of two puppies I cared for not long ago (this was taken right before I cleaned their pen, which happens every morning for all dogs) - look at those beautiful, hopeful eyes.

These two were so sweet. They came in at night on a transport from a high-kill shelter and fell asleep, curled up together, while I cleaned. I had to gently wake them with some cuddling before putting them back into a sparkling clean pen. I hope, hope, hope they've found loving homes. 

The heroine of my new book, Kiss and Confess, works for an animal shelter and becomes a contestant on a reality TV show, hoping to find love and win money to help the shelter build a new wing. Guess you could say my work at the shelter greatly influenced that part of the story!

Do you have feel-good news stories or experiences to share?

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